We encourage guests to order food of your choice via Deliveroo/Just Eat/direct from your caterer. Please bear in mind your session times when ordering food and allow plenty of time to eat before your session ends.


We are offering individual firepits to hire on sessions up to and including 25th June - they cost £10 to hire. Firepits are ordered via the menu on the QR code at your table on the night. They are managed by our resident fire wranglers and topped up with kiln-dried, ethically sourced wood throughout your session. You can also purchase s'mores kits (including vegan option) via the menu. We don't take advance bookings for firepits or s'mores in case of alterations on the night. Please note that firepits up in the Roof Garden are limited due to the amount of spaces safe to place them so it is first come, first serve for these. We will accommodate your request for a firepit up there as long as it is safe to do so. 
Please note! From 1st July onwards we will be once again lighting a centralised communal firepit in the Roof Garden (no individual firepits to hire) and you can purchase s'mores kits as usual from the menu and gather round to toast.

Please discuss any allergies with a member of staff


If you'd like more information about the Brunel Museum- please visit their website: