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Welcome to the Midnight Apothecary

We are delighted you’re joining us at Midnight Apothecary, whether you’re a returning guest or someone new! Voted one of London's best outdoor pop-up
cocktail bars since we built the Roof Garden at the Brunel Museum in 2012, we specialise in lovingly prepared seasonal botanical cocktails round a campfire made by
Midnight Apothecary founder Lottie Muir AKA the Cocktail Gardener.

We infuse and garnish our drinks using ingredients grown in our rooftop garden or foraged close by, with the menu changing frequently based on what's growing in the garden.
These are all served in our atmospheric setting right next to the Thames in the heart of Rotherhithe Village. We are the best kept secret around here with our
rustic Roof Garden nestled on top of the Thames Tunnel Shaft which was itself built in the Victorian era by Marc Brunel. The garden is lovingly maintained and is
adorned with giant flares, hurricane lamps and fairy lights.
The Ground Floor Terrace brings a European-piazza feel with its subtle lighting and wonderful scents from the edible herb planters dotted about.

We source all our alcohol and sodas carefully using local brews and always premium spirits eg Bermondsey's Hiver Honey Beer, Anspach & Hobday, the Kernel Brewery and Jensen's gin as well as Hackney's Square Root Soda.  Our wine is vegan, as is Kernel Brewery beer, and we have plenty of non-alcoholic mocktails for you.

  As a reward for reading through the blurb we’ve provided a planting plan for the garden and a cocktail recipe in case you feel like creating a bit of Midnight Apothecary at home!

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Food & Fire

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  • Make your own Raspberry & Scented Geranium Sour

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