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Welcome to the

Midnight Apothecary

We are delighted you’re joining us at Midnight Apothecary, whether you’re a returning guest or someone new to our delights.  Things are a lot like the old days but there are a few important changes we’ve made to keep you safe. And there are a few things we ask you to take a look at here, before you arrive.



Please arrive at the box office welcome desk situated near the river (it will be signposted). If you’re coming from Rotherhithe Overground, walk straight up Railway Ave for 2 minutes and you’ll find us. If you’re coming by car or bike, our entrance is at the corner of Railway Ave and Rotherhithe St (please see on the map).


There is a one-way system through the site with one entrance and one exit. At the end of the evening please exit via the Terrace to the Exit sign, clearly marked.


The entrance to the loos is through the side entrance to the Engine House (clearly signposted) and there is a one-way route downstairs to the two toilets. There will be hand sanitiser inside and outside the toilets. Please exit straight through the barn doors on the lower ground floor and back up to the Roof Garden or the Terrace. The toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly through the sessions. Guests are requested to wear a mask whilst in the Engine House (Brunel Museum) wherever possible.


Your Midnight Apothecary host will escort you and your guests to an area in the garden suitable for your size group. There you will find a QR codes with a table number.  The QR code will take you to the menu where you can order your drinks and firepit/marshmallows. There is no need to download an app, just hold your camera over each QR code and they will bring up the menu. You either pay by Apple Pay or the Android equivalent or enter your card details once. Your card details will be encrypted and saved for future orders and are not at any time visible to us. It’s all super simple. If your phone isn’t able to use QR codes we will help you find another way to order. One of our team will bring your tray of drinks to you and we kindly ask that one member of your party passes the drinks from the tray to your guests. One of our team will be on hand to collect glasses. 


We have individual firepits for hire and a selection of marshmallows and s’mores kits. Simply order them from the Midnight Apothecary menu via the QR Code. A fire wrangler will keep your firepit stoked with kiln dried firewood throughout your session. For the uninitiated they’ll also give you tips on making the perfect s’more! We kindly ask you to refrain from touching the firepit (it is extremely hot!) and from putting anything into the firepit as anything other than the specially sourced wood can cause hazards, smoking, etc.


If you'd like more information about the Brunel Museum- please visit their website:






Deluxe Hot Rum Toddy £9

Mount Gay rum, organic Dunkertons cider, house-made smoked sage syrup, mulling spices and orange zest


Deluxe Irish Hot Toddy £9

Whisky, organic Dunkertons cider, house-made smoked sage syrup, mulling spices and orange zest



Blackcurrant and Hibiscus Mojito £9

White rum, cointreau, house-made hibiscus, blackcurrrant, blackberry and mint syrup, limes, soda & orange bitters

Pear and Lavender Heaven £9

Jensen's Old Tom gin infused with lavender, meadowsweet, organic pear juice and fresh lemons, topped with soda and orange bitters



Smoky Negroni £9

Jensen's Bermondsey Dry gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, scented geranium and pinewood-smoked lapsang souchong tea

Midnight Margarita £9

Silver tequila, Cointreau, activated charcoal*, smoked rosemary and sage, honey, limes and a lime foam with smoked beechwood salt rim

(*You are advised not to take medication one hour before or two hours after consuming activated charcoal)


Lilac Daze £9

Acacia honey grappa, Jensen's Old Tom gin, lemons and house-made lilac syrup



Woodland Martini £9

Vodka, dry vermouth, smoked sage, wormwood bitters

Hedgerow Sour £9

Whisky, house-made crab apple and rosehip syrup, lemons and egg white foam with szechuan peppercorns



Blackcurrant and hibiscus mocktail £4.50

House-made hibiscus, blackcurrrant, blackberry and mint syrup, limes, soda & orange bitters


Scented Geranium sour mocktail £4.50

Raspberry and scented geranium shrub, lemon juice, egg white 



NV Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry, Ca'di Alte, Veneto, Italy

125ml Glass £6.50, Bottle  £30


Molino Loco (2018) Monastrell, red (vegan)

175ml Glass £5.25, Bottle £20.95


Molinico Loco (2019) Macabeo, white (vegan)

175ml Glass £5.25, Bottle £20.95


Rose de Syrah IGP Cotes de Thau, Les Vignes de L'Eglise, Languedoc, France

175ml Glass  £5.75, Bottle £24.95


Anspach & Hobday: The Pale Ale 

330ml bottle (4.4% abv): £5


Hiver Honey Beer (blonde)

330ml bottle (4.5% abv) £4.50


The Kernel Brewery Table Beer (vegan)

330ml bottle (3% abv) £4


Firepit £10
Hire of firepit bucket on Terrace only for 2 hours with kiln dried logs, kindling and someone to light and manage it


Smores kit for two £5

4 marshmallows, 4 deluxe thick chocolate leibniz biscuits, 2 bamboo marshmallow sticks


Smores kit for four £8

8 marshmallows, 8 deluxe thick chocolate leibniz biscuits, 4 marshmallow toasting sticks


Vegan Smores Kit for one £2.50

2 vegan marshmallows, 2 vegan choc chip cookies, Mini Moo vegan chocolate bar, 1 bamboo marshmallow stick


Vegan Smores kit for 2 £5

4 vegan marshmallows, 4 vegan mini choc chip cookies, Mini Moo vegan chocolate bar, 2 bamboo marshmallow sticks


Extra vegan marshmallows £2

4 vegan marshmallows


Extra Marshmallows £1

4 marshmallows

Please discuss any allergies with a member of staff

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